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Image of Photo of Formal Hall
Photo: Aiden Chan

Formal Hall

Dining at Formal Hall is a traditional and very popular part of College life.

Formal Hall is a three course dinner served by College staff by candlelight in our beautiful dining hall.



您最多可以携带三位客人,因此这是与家人或朋友一起庆祝特殊场合的绝佳方式。客人还必须遵守着装要求和 code of conduct for Formal Hall. 

Formal Hall tickets



  • Tickets cost £7.10 for Jesus undergraduates and £9.40 for each guest and for postgraduates.
  • 周三的研究生大厅门票为学院会员10.40英镑,客人14.35英镑,门票价格包括餐后的港口和奶酪。

You can buy your tickets on the catering department page on JNet,学院内联网。如果您还没有支付厨房固定费用,那么您的门票价格将与客人相同。很遗憾,我们无法转让机票或退款。


When to arrive


Menus and special diets

We publish the menu for each Formal Hall at least a week in advance, you can find them posted outside the Hall or on JNet, the College intranet.

We can accommodate most dietary needs but there might be a small supplementary charge for special requirements. If you have any questions about allergies, or any other aspect of your booking, please contact the Manciple’s office by calling +44 (0)1223 339485 or emailing

Group bookings


Before contacting the Dean, please email the Manciple’s office on to check availability on the date you want to invite your group. Then you can apply for permission from the Dean on JNet, the College intranet.


Children under the age of 16 are allowed to dine but you'll need to get written permission from the Dean. 

Hear from students


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