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Image of Cochlea by Edward Allington
Edward Allington, Cochlea. Photo © Jesus College Cambridge

Edward Allington

Work exhibited: Cochlea.



因此,他经常被吸引到对形式的探索,这种形式将对称逻辑与深层内在性的结合相结合。 Cochlea (2000)是这种专注于螺旋,锥体和聚宝盆的典型产品:几何精确的有机容器。

The origins of the present work lie in an earlier commission, Three Steps Towards the Sea (1985)现在在都柏林的爱尔兰现代艺术博物馆展出。这包括三种外壳形状,其中一种已重复出现 Cochlea。标题既包括内耳的螺旋腔,也包括诸如普通青春痘的壳的形状。

The hard outer casing is given an extra degree of deadness through the addition of nuts and bolts; this technological streamlining contrasts with the suggestion of an internal space for a form of coiled marine life, and an echo chamber for the rushing of blood, commonly associated with the sound of the sea.

Allington plays with a series of contrasts between hard and soft, technological and biological, external and internal, while also registering the possibility of resonance between the structures of the human body and the organization of the non human world.

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