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Master's welcome

Professor Ian White was Master of Jesus College from October 2011 until April 2019, when he left to take up the position of Vice-Chancellor at the University of Bath

For over 500 years, successive generations have lived, taught and studied in the unique environment of Jesus College Cambridge.

Our historic buildings, extensive grounds and proximity to the River Cam have helped create an exceptional setting within which values of academic excellence, individual breadth and intellectual openness have fostered learning and personal growth for generations of College members.

Our aim is to offer to outstanding students, whatever their means, the advantages of the highest quality of education within a stimulating and supportive environment, and to provide them with the widest range of opportunities at the College. We hope that, benefitting from their time at the College, they will go on to make valuable contributions to our society and to the wider world.

There is a close relationship between teaching, research and scholarship. At Cambridge this relationship is reinforced by the college system which remains one of our most distinctive features. The College is an intense intellectual and social community for both students and fellows. It brings together in one place and from across the world, leading academics and students with academic interests right across the Arts, Humanities, Sciences, Technology and Medicine. The opportunity to share knowledge and develop mutual understanding, to experience diverse perspectives of learning, and to research is deeply enriching. Using this approach, the College delivers the breadth of a world-class university at an intimate level which encourages its members to engage in deeper levels of knowledge and understanding.

Professor Ian White FREng

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